Our members produce orders of  the world's largest food industry and consumer goods companies. It is production of packaging and labels, which are subject to particularly strict Europe requirements. Most Lithuanian printing companies equipment is new or substantially upgraded, which enables us to compete with West. In majority of Lithuanian printing houses qualified personnel speaks in all major European languages and helps customers find creative and technical production solutions for specific markets. Lithuanian Printing houses are well known for their responsible approach to work, the organization of production, commitment and flexible terms of payment. High technology level of Lithuanian printing houses and relatively low manufacturing cost, ensures good quality and price ratio of production.

Many of our members have received numerous awards from various state institutions such as the Lithuanian Confederation of Industrialists, or the Ministry of Economy. Awards such as the strongest company in Lithuania, the most innovative company in Lithuania, exporter of the year and etc.

Majority of printing houses in their manufacturing uses in Europe recognized socially responsible production practice that ensures product quality control and environment care. Social responsibility management system where the products of social responsibility highlights is biodegradable labels or 100 per cent recycled paper usage. To ensure optimized production supply leading enterprises installed smart storage, resources management and integrated accounting systems.

The efficient and qualified work ensures environmental management system (by standard ISO 14001), which ensures pollution prevention and the reduction of the negative environment impact and sustained improvement process; quality management system (according to ISO 9001 standard) which ensures efficient management, including each employee, LEAN manufacturing system and etc. which are installed in Lithuanian printing companies.

Below you can find our members grouped according to their production.

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